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Our Favorite Competitve Eater Chick Nela Zisser Ends The Year By Trying To Eat 100 Cheeseburgers

You might remember this young lady. Great at stuffing meat in her mouth. And here she is, trying to end the year by eating 100 cheeseburgers…well 50 chicken burgers and 50 cheeseburgers, but whatever. Don’t want to get that “flavor fatigue”, which I love is a real problem when it comes to competitive eaters. Cramps, indigestion, and flavor fatigue. My favorite part though is before she begins she gives a very stern warning that she’s a professional and nobody should try it without preparing. Which I assume she means she took a few dumps.

Now, spoiler alert: She only eats 45. Which I think is bullshit. She didn’t put any sort of time limit on it, but I guess the challenge ends when you puke and/or shit your pants. She definitely hurt herself by doing this alone. I’m 10000% positive I eat more food in the company of others. Like out at a bar drinking beer, eating away at food, next thing you know you’ve eaten 30 wings. I guarantee she would have eaten more if she had some chit chat, a TV, and some friends over to eat with her.

PS: Is this porn for Stonie? I imagine he gets all sorts of turned on watching this girl eat. I’d say 100% he’s slid into her DMs with some sort of food/hot dog/sex pun.