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Here He Is, The Luckiest Man In The World






That’s his one.  No doubt about it. Not only is that his one but he just used up all the luck he’ll ever have in his life when escaping that train.  Is it worth it?  Probably not.  Life without luck would suck.  Casinos won’t be fun anymore.  Gambling in general won’t be fun anymore. Sky diving is outta the question.  He might’ve been better off getting trucked by the train. I’ve watched that video 30 times and I still don’t understand how he got away. He was dead and gone and then he wasn’t.  That shit happens in horror movies. In every horror movie ever involving train tracks, the car always dies right on the tracks.  It never fails. It’s the #1 reason why when I’m sitting at a stoplight where there are train tracks I either pull all the way forward or stop wayyyyyy short so I’m not sitting on the tracks. The last thing I need is for my car to die and for me to be a sitting duck out there. Because with my luck I won’t get away in time and I’ll be dead forever.