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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The Cardinals Spanking The Eagles At The Linc

In the grand scheme of things, yes, it would’ve been swell to win vs. play adequate football with an elite team, but it all comes down to Washington. Even if the Eagles won last night they still would’ve had to win on Saturday to make the dance. That being said, there’s lots of things to shit on from that embarrassing 40(!) – 17 bloodbath at home. Let’s rock.

The Good:

Sam Bradford
– 28/41 for 361, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s. What those stats fail to show is how many times this guy stepped up in the pocket, LIKE EVERY DAMN GAME, to do his job and deliver the ball like a Goddamn American. He gets licked almost every time he takes a snap and keeps on coming back for more. Not to mention – up until that pick 6 where Matthews went the wrong way – he was easily looking the best he has – EVER. Not the second half of this season, not since blowing out his shit, not his career since winning the Heisman. Just go back and look at some of the throws he was making. Almost every single one was exactly where it needed to be. I’ve been on the Bradford bandwagon for awhile and judging the audible gasp in the stadium when he got the wind knocked out of him last night, so is everyone else. If this guy is healthy he should be franchised next year. There. I said it. Not a long term mega deal, but one more season to truly see if he deserves that money or more time for Chip to find his true gem.

That’s it. That’s all the good that comes out from when you lose by 23 points at home…after being tied 10 – 10 and going into halftime only down a touchdown.

The Bad:

4th and Inches – I didn’t hate going for it as I wouldn’t have hated taking the points. Chip grabbed his sac and didn’t yank hard enough. I also didn’t hate the play call. Sure, I would’ve liked an ol’ fashioned QB sneak just diving through the A gap, but that’ll never happen under Kelly, of course. This was simply a bullrush call and the blockers got manhandled. Mano y Mano on the line and our guys got their dicks pushed in. Nothing more to it. It didn’t matter if Matthews, Murray, or God was back there running the ball. They were getting stuffed.

Whatever this “Saw yo dick off” play was, cause I’m sure it didn’t fucking work:

The lack of DeMarco Murray – 8 snaps for our billion dollar off season prize. I’m not saying he should be getting the majority of the workload, but there needs to be more production out of Spray Tan. Especially if Ryan Matthews decides to start yipping the ball up like he’s known to do.

The Ugly:

Um…Fix it Chip:

The Abortion That Was The Eagles Defense - 15 tackles on the evening. 15!!! That doesn’t even include Byron Maxwell riding the tight end like a drunk chick on a mechanical bull for 25 yards before they both finally collapsed. Carson Palmer looked calm, cool, and collected all day sniping open receivers. David Johnson is still running all over their lives. Yes, the Rowe and Maxwell (who shit himself on multiple occasions yesterday) were banged up which forced Biggers and Watkins to step up, but come on. That was an embarrassment of epic proportions. 493 yards given up with 187 and 3 TD’s going to one man is UNACCEPTABLE. Not to mention you’re not gonna win many games getting 0 takeaways. I’m not one to call out players individually, but everyone besides Fletcher Cox needs to look in the mirror. AND KIKO ALONSO HAS BEEN INVISIBLE. STEP YOUR SHIT UP MAN.

– Same shit, different day. Bradford put the ball there all game and the players paid millions to catch the damn ball can’t, you know, catch the damn motherfucking ball. Oh, and The Nigerian Nitrus played almost all the snaps and got 1 target. I just…don’t get it.

This BS Talk:

I’m tired of all the talk. After every damn loss someone is running their mouth talking shit like this. I’ve had enough. DON’T TALK ABOUT IT BE ABOUT IT.

And that’s all she wrote. Season starts and possibly ends on Saturday. I GOT THAT.

I Got That. from Panda Lord on Vimeo.