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Projector Breaks During Midnight Premiere of Star Wars, Skips Ahead To Major Spoiler

IndependentDisney and JJ Abrmas went out of their way to prevent any Star Wars: The Force Awakening spoilers leaking onto the internet early, refusing to put the film forward for awards in order to avoid handing out sampler film DVDs to judges.

While attending a midnight screening, likely in the hope of avoiding any spoilers in the coming days, some fans’ experiences were ruined after a malfunctioning projector skipped a huge segment of the film, revealing the ultimate twist prematurely.

A student of the University of California, Los Angeles, Erik Melendez caught the action on his phone, showing hundreds of fans standing up and shouting “NO, NO!” at the projectionist.

Melendez wrote alongside the clip: “Projector at Star Wars midnight 3D show at the Arclight ruined, stopped, then started again towards the end of the movie. The movie was spoiled and everyone in the theater went crazy.”



Absolutely hilarious. And that’s not coming from like a Star Wars hater or anything, if Star Wars is your thing then by all means live it up. That’s just coming from someone who likes to watch the world burn. I mean if you can’t appreciate the irony and hilarity in Star Wars nerds, maybe THE biggest hardcore group of fans out there, getting all dressed up and carrying their light sabers to a midnight premiere so as to avoid all the spoilers that assholes will post on the internet, then having the projector break in the beginning and skip directly to the scene with the biggest twist of the whole movie…well then you and I wouldn’t be friends.

Even better than when the dude drove by people waiting in line for the new Harry Potter book and yelled out spoilers at everyone.

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Voldemort kills Hermione.

Gets me every single time.