Alexander Barkov Scores A Beauty And Jaromir Jagr Takes Over 4th All-Time To Himself

Alexander Barkov, take a bow young man. Because that was a thing of beauty. You know your move was pretty special when the guys calling the game from the booth thought that you lost the puck. I know that the cool thing these days is to hate on the shootout since it’s a “gimmick” but when you’ve got guys like Alexander Barkov pulling off moves like this and Patrick Kane doing Patrick Kane things on Saturday, I’ll gladly keep the shootout in the game for as long as possible. I’ll agree ten times out of ten that 3-on-3 overtime is better than a shootout. but why would you not want to watch some of the greatest players in the world put their skills on display after a full 65 minutes have already been played? Anyway, Jaromir Jagr seemed to appreciate the move as well because here’s what he had to say to reporters after the game (quick sidenote: Jagr had already played 5 seasons in the NHL before Alexander Barkov was even born)


Speaking of Jaromir Jagr, he helped the Panthers get to the shootout with this goal on the powerplay late in the 1st period. This was goal #732 for Jags which means that he has now overtaken Marcel Dionne for 4th all-time in NHL history.


And with that, the legend of Jagr continues to grow. Also, the Florida Panthers are very much for real this season. They’re currently sitting in 4th place in the Atlantic but trending upwards with the Bruins as the rest of the division seems to be trending down. This win makes 4 in a row for the Panthers and if they’re able to add another goal scorer by the deadline, they could be a very difficult team to face in the playoffs. I haven’t really put too much thought into these scenarios yet but I’m sure there’s a way to make both of them work.

– Scenario #1: Steven Stamkos makes a quick pit stop in Florida as a rental player before hitting UFA on July 1st. Obviously the return that Tampa would be asking for might be a little too much to handle (obviously a prospect like Lawson Crouse would have to be on the table) but if the Panthers want to make a run at it now then this should at least be a consideration. The likeliness of it happening are slim to none, I know. But a guy can dream, can’t he?

– Scenario #2: They target Ryan Johansen who is pretty much all but out of Columbus right now. I’d have to assume that a package for Ryan Johansen would look very similar to what Dallas gave up for Tyler Seguin. A top point scorer and a couple of stud prospects. I think the Panthers would be more willing to give up Lawson Crouse for Ryan Johansen in the hopes of being able to re-sign the 23-year-old after next season as opposed to for a rental Steven Stamkos. But who knows. Either way, the Panthers need to be buyers at the deadline and then they have a great little team assembled down there.

One last quote from Jagr to end this blog.


A couple weeks ago he said that he’d like to keep playing hockey until he dies. Yesterday he told reporters at the Miami Herald that he’d like to end his career in Florida. So hopefully that means this isn’t the last year that he blesses us with his presence out there on the ice and he ends up getting another deal after this season.