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NFL Monday Morning Rewind - NFC

Some of the Pics and vines from these guys on twitter. All great gameday follows  @worldofisaac  @PeteBlackBurn @XmasApe @BustedCoverage @Mshamburger1 @_MarcusD_  @recordsANDradio @gifdsports @TheCauldron


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Goose looking good with all those layers. Let’s go.


Jets 19, Cowboys 16

I didn’t watch this game but I’m just going to assume Matt Cassel took a super long sack at some point and threw an awful interception. Wait what? No way.





Gonna miss Cassel




And I actually feel bad for Jets fans. They’re going to finish 10-6 and outside of the playoffs while a team from the AFC South and NFC East will get a spot in the dance. Sometimes life isn’t fair.


Bears 17, Vikings 38

The game summed up in 3 videos (also there may be a video coming of me telling Viking fans that Teddy Bridgewater isn’t for real, 4 TD’s and a rushing touchdown, 17-20, nbd)





I fucking suck.

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And on top of all of it, I got fucked by a furry.


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Great times Minnesota, always got love for you even though that game made me not want to be a football fan anymore.

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Love the crapping santa sweater.

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Panthers 38, Giants 35


The Odell Beckham experience, and I chose that word on purpose because man was it an EXPERIENCE.


Missed a wide open catch, should have tried to catch it with 1 hand.



Got in a fight


Got in another fight.




Mocked his opponent even though his team was losing.



Got in another fight.


Had one of the scummiest cheap shots I’ve ever seen on a football field because he was tired of fighting and not catching balls.


Then caught the biggest pass of the game to tie it up in the 4th.


All in all quite the day. A lot of people were asking me what I thought about Odell’s performance and here it is. I want my Wide Receivers to be cocky and play with an edge. You’re out there on an island, going 1 on 1 against guys all day trying to make plays. You can’t do that if you don’t have a little swagger. But, with that said, what Odell did yesterday was out of control. The personal foul penalties, the cheap shots. There is playing with a controlled edge and then there is what he was doing. If you’re a Giants fan you obviously love the guy for his talent and how he can change an offense but that type of uncontrolled play, especially on a big stage against an undefeated team, is the last thing you need. Not to be old white sportswriter here but if Odell doesn’t figure it out or have someone put him in his place, days like yesterday could get worse.



As for the game, it was Cam’s to win. Taking a monster hit.


Then watching as ODB scored the game tying TD, ready to drive his team down for the game winning field goal. That’s the face of a man that knows he’s on a roll.




As for the Panthers, 14-0 and if you aren’t a believer then I don’t know what else to tell you. Of course they could lose in the playoffs, the NFC with the Cardinals and Seahawks should be a tougher road to the Super Bowl, but if you’re waiting for this team to suddenly be bad or not show up then you aren’t watching them every Sunday. The biggest issue they have is letting teams back in the game, Giants, Packers, Colts, but a win is a win and they have 14 of them.



As for the Giants, well that’s a wrap.

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And possibly a wrap on the Tom Coughlin era.



Goodbye old friend.


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Bills 25, Redskins 35


Well the Bills have officially given up on the season.


And to be quite honest Shady, I don’t know if you have any friends these days.



Quick shout out to Kirk Cousins for being pretty damn good this year. He was 22-28 with 4 touchdowns yesterday. Now this doesn’t change the fact that the Redskins still may lose the NFC East and if they do somehow get in the playoffs the Seahawks will undoubtedly come and shove it down their throats, but a nice season nonetheless. Now the question is do you pay him?  I think you have to and I think it will ultimately be a huge mistake. I like that.



Bills season summed up.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.40.44 AM



Actually, here is the Bills season summed up.




Tough day to be a Big Cat.


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Browns 13, Seahawks 30


Johnny, Fucking, Football!


Quick update on Russ Wilson’s late season surge that is somehow going under the radar. 19 touchdowns 0 interceptions in the last 5 games, all of them wins. Oh and Doug Baldwin has ten of those in the last 4 games. TEN! Fuck everyone who has Baldwin on their fantasy team.




Hey man, good win, call me when you have sex.

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Poor Cleveland


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Bengals 24, 49ers 14


Whoa, maybe AJ McCarron is the next Tom Brady.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.56.14 AM



Or maybe, he just played the 49ers who apparently don’t cover people in the middle of the field.







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Cardinals 40, Eagles 17


Love that Dink Dog puts the carts back in their place, Dink Dog knows civic pride.

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Eagles fans can correct me here if I’m wrong but it feels like the Eagles always lose when they play in the all black uniforms. Too much pressure when you go all black, that’s a one time jolt type of thing, can’t do it multiple times over the years.


Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.00.12 AM





Also probably didn’t help that Dr. Cool went sunglasses at night right in Philly’s face.


Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.00.49 AM




Or that David Johnson is an absolute freak.





But somehow, someway, the Eagles get embarrassed on their home turf, fall to 6-8 and STILL can win their division. What a world. Sorry again to Jets fans.