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Brooklyn Rabbi Nicknamed "The Prodfather" Gets 10 Years For Kidnapping And Torturing Jews Who Refused To Divorce Their Wives

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NYDaily News - A Brooklyn rabbi got 10 years in the slammer Tuesday for his role as the ringleader of a gang of Jewish men who used violence — involving handcuffs and electric cattle prods — to force reluctant husbands to give their wives religious divorces. Mendel Epstein, 70, was dubbed “The Prodfather” after he was convicted of charging desperate wives thousands of dollars to torture their husbands into compliance.The white-bearded Talmudic scholar once bragged about using an electric cattle prod to persuade the men to sign a religious divorce document, known as a “get.” The father of nine, grandfather of 45 and great-grandfather of five was caught on tape boasting that his “team” kidnaps and beats stubborn husbands until they give their wives a “get.”


Listen I don’t care if you’re the biggest anti semite in the world Even you have to tip your cap to the nickname “The Prodfather.”  Probably top 5 nicknames of all time. Like hey Medal how’d you get that nickname The Prodfahter? “Oh simple because I use an electric cattle prod to torture motherfuckers who won’t let their wives get a religious divorce. That’s what’s up.”

Sidenote I don’t even know what a religious divorce or “get” even means? Is this different than a run of the mill divorce? It seems that way right? Either way Hasidic Jews be fucking crazy. I wouldn’t fuck with Hasidic Jews any more than I’d fuck with the Latin Kings or ISIS. Just flat out fucking nuts. I mean you got 70 year old dudes with 45 grandkids wearing Halloween masks running around kidnapping and torturing people for made up religious divorces. Shit is straight crazy. And let’s not even talk about their fashion sense either. It stinks! Mix in some god damn color. I wouldn’t say it to their faces though.