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Its Pretty Simple...Win Out

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There’s a lot of different scenarios for the Jets and their playoff chances. As a matter of fact they could be in control of their own destiny the final 2 weeks of the season if things break right with the Steelers and Chiefs tomorrow. But the bottom line is that the Jets basically need to win out. And even then its not given. 11-5 unfortunately is not a lock for us. But you cant start worrying about all that just yet. You cant start worrying about Pittsburgh and KC and New England right now. Right now you can only worry about the Dallas Cowboys. One game at a time. Its a cruel fate for a team that started of 4-1 and are currently winners of 4 straight, but its one we deserve. You dont get to easily walk into the playoffs when you lose to TJ Yates and the Texans or the Raiders or the Bills in a game that was gift wrapped for you like 3 times.

So thats where we stand. A million and one scenarios but if the Jets want to show they belong and are going to be taken serious in the playoffs, they just gotta win out. Finish it off at 11-5 and if the Steelers and KC can match, tip your cap. So be it. But make em earn it and start with tonight.