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Kobe Dunked In A Game, Meaning He Now Has 1 More In Game Dunk This Year Than Derrick Rose



This is the hard part about Kobe Bryant in 2015, everyone making jokes, everyone talking about how old and shitty he is, meanwhile all the Bulls fans who have watched every game this year know in the back of their head that somehow Derrick Rose has been worse. I mean Kobe dunked, old ass Kobe dunked, IN A GAME. He dunked in an actual NBA game. I’m not sure that will ever happen again with Derrick Rose. He’s gotten close a few times but then he just lays it up to be careful. Like if you gave me over under Derrick Rose dunks this season and set it at 1.5, I would have no choice but to take the under. Maybe once on an uncontested fast break with no in sight, maybe. Other than that I just can’t see it happening. Old Ass Kobe, 37 years old, still dunks. Derrick Rose, 27 years old, never again. Fuck.



Last Derrick Rose in game dunk.




And just to start the day off on an awful foot, sorry.