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Well The Monmouth Bench Had A Good Run Because Now We've Got People Making It About Race In America





Well Monmouth, you had your fun. Great little story of a small school that has beaten some powerhouse programs early in the season while dancing their way through each game. But that fun is over because if there is anyone who squashes out fun it’s Michael Wilbon. I actually don’t hate Wilbon like some people do. He does some things that bother me (the Bears tweets on Sunday are awful) but as a whole PTI still remains the gold standard in sports talk television shows. I can’t deny that, to do so would make me a blind hater. It’s the best and it’s been the best for a long long time. But this Michael Wilbon I can’t stand. It’s one thing when people are actually complaining about Cam Newton and being casually racist because a black guy is having fun and dancing in the end zone, I’m all for calling out those shitheads for being racist and hiding behind keeping sports “classy”. But to basically say these white kids can’t have fun because if it were black kids people MIGHT be upset is absolute bullshit. I didn’t once think about race when Monmouth did their dancing. If there were black kids doing it with them or an all black group dancing at the end of the bench I still wouldn’t think about race. There are PLENTY of things to get mad about in this world today. Plenty of real world issues and real world problems that need to be addressed. The world is not starving for SERIOUS DISCOURSE, the world is starving for fun stories that are just fun, that’s it, fun. Everything in 2015 has to have a catch. You can no longer just laugh at something and enjoy it at face value. It sucks, and Wilbon had to come along and try to make it a race thing and ruin the fun. Not even commenting on real racism, just commenting on hypothetical racism. Which in a way hurts the issues that actually matter in this country, Wilbon making up scenarios where people could possibly be racist in a harmless story lets all the real racists cry about “everything always being about race and the race card”. It waters down real issues and is ultimately shortsighted.




By the way, I just watched the video and I see multiple times where black players are getting involved in the “antics”. Shouldn’t that be the story? In a racially charged America you have a team that doesn’t care about race? But nah, don’t be dumb Big Cat, that’s not controversial enough.