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The Texas A&M Quarterback Situation... (Cue Debbie Downer Music)

Lot of good vibes in the college football world right now. The Playoff is coming up featuring 2 incredible opening matchups, got a ton of awesome bowl games on deck, the National Championship in a few weeks.

Let’s check in on College Station and see how things are going for them during this joyous holiday time.

Last Week.

Oh well, Kyler Murray time!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.47.17 PM


COLLEGE STATIONTexas A&M entered the season with two five-star quarterbacks on its roster. Those five stars added together are in peril of suddenly totaling zero.

On the heels of the surprising transfer of sophomore starter Kyle Allen last week, his replacement at starter, freshman Kyler Murray, is also mulling leaving A&M, although A&M coach Kevin Sumlin declined to discuss specifics on Wednesday.

Murray also didn’t show for the Aggies’ first practice in preparation for the Dec. 30 Music City Bowl against Louisville in Nashville, Tenn.

Earlier in the day,’s Billy Liucci posted via Twitter that Murray’s “intention … following a meeting with Kevin Sumlin was to transfer from A&M. Since that time … the Aggies have been in the process of attempting to change Murray’s mind and keep him in College Station.”

Oh and I totally forgot about Kenny Hill.

Remember Kenny Trill?

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I thought that guy was going to win the Heisman. Then we never heard his name again.

Live look at College Station: