Penn State Professor With The Ultimate Finals Troll Move

Rick Rolling in 2015, still funny. Proof that some things are just internet-timeless. Not much, but some.

Had to be absolutely crushing too, just closing my eyes and picturing that exact feeling this kid had. When you stumble on something that you know is a mistake and knowing you only have a very tiny amount of time before it gets corrected. Like when House of Cards accidentally releases their whole season weeks early and you scramble to download all the files while they’re still up. Like when you find a working Brazzers login on a password dump and try to watch as much as you can during one session before it gets cancelled. That fleeting feeling of pure joy, excitement, and anxiety. Thinking your old, technologically challenged professor just accidentally posted the answer key, and if you hustle you can screenshot it before he deletes it without realizing the lasting impact of mistake-posts.

Annnnnd then it’s Rick Astley in his stupid trench coat wiggling his hips right in your soon-to-be-flunking-the-final face.



h/t Harrison Lee