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Your Mid-Week Eagles Fix With All The Birds Material In The Streets


Cardinals week. Where boys have the opportunity to become men overnight. Let’s rock.

Players on the Birds think 300+ pound Jason Peters is the most athletic person on the team. Says a lot for the undrafted TE out of college who turned into a HOF-worthy LT.

Larry Fitz has mad a career out of eviscerating the Eagles. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST WATCH THE SHORT DRAG ROUTE UNDERNEATH. Those billion catches from the ’08 NFC Championship game still haunt me to this day.

Seth Joyner, who played with Jerome Brown, said comparing Fletcher Cox to the beastmode legend of a DT is completely fair.




Who doesn’t like titty’s?

Guess Chip was onto something with The Toddfather.

Uh…Jordan Hicks was an absolute menace on the field this year. Can’t WAIT to see this kid develop next season.

And that’s all she wrote. DOGGONIT!