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Robber Tries To Rob Same Bank Two Days In A Row, Gets Spotted By Local News Crew And Gets Arrested

MINNEAPOLIS — A bank robbery in Minnesota was caught on live TV Tuesday, sort of, CBS Minneapolis station WCCO-TV reports. Reporter Adam Sallet from CBS affiliate KIMT-TV of Mason City, Iowa, was beginning a live report Tuesday morning outside of a Sterling State Bank branch about a string of robberies in Rochester, Minnesota. Just seconds into his report, a bank employee runs up and interrupts Sallet to tell him a bank robber had just struck. “It’s that guy right there,” the bank employee said. A surprised Sallet, who was most likely running his own camera and audio at the scene, rolls with the punches. “Oh, that’s the robber!” Sallet said. “This is live TV, folks! That’s the robber [that] just went by, according to the bank employee. So, I got to go here and call 911. I’ll talk to you later.” Sallet then runs off camera, ending the live report. The robber was never seen on camera.




Really a great idea from this bank robber.  I mean that.  What bank is least expecting to be robbed? Exactly.  A bank that you had just robbed the day before. Can’t you imagine a scene that got cut from The Town where Ben Affleck is like, “We’ll hit the bank on Tuesday.  Then hit it again on Wednesday cause nobody will be expect us. They’ll never see it coming”?  Nobody thinks a bank robber is brave enough/ballsy enough/stupid enough to come back for seconds the very next day and therein lies the genius of the idea. The bank is still reeling, the women are still scared, everyone is still licking their emotional wounds and the cops probably just left.  Maybe the cops will even think it’s a mistake and ignore the 911 call all together when it comes across their radio. Hit’em twice before they understand what happened the first time. Foolproof.  If only it weren’t for that handsome news reporter he would’ve gotten away with it too. By the way, love the hustle of that bank employee to give the news guy a heads up.  Full-on sprinting in his work clothes. Give that man a raise.



h/t john