Website That Helps People Find Their Doppelgänger Brings Two Blonde Smokes Together



A couple things.  One, you gotta be a complete psycho to wanna meet up with your doppelgänger.  Call me crazy but I need to know more about a person than, “Hey! We look a lot alike!” before we start hanging out or before I start traveling long distances to hang out. I don’t even wanna hang out with somebody who looks like me.  That’s super weird. Like do I wanna call up the news reporter from that bank robber blog so we can do some arts and crafts? No I don’t. I have enough trouble getting through the day trying to forget what I look like. I don’t need a person hanging around me as a constant reminder of my looks. Maybe it’s different for good looking girls. That leads us to point #2, how pissed was Sara when she realized Shannon was 10000x hotter than her?  She had to realize it instantly when they met.  Sure in pictures they look a ton alike and they probably just assumed they’d be the same level of hotness in person.  NOPE.  Shannon is wayyyyyyy hotter than Sara. An absolute bloodbath. Don’t get me wrong. Sara is a good looking girl but Shannon is an absolute smoke. And she has an Irish accent to boot? Game over. I almost feel bad for Sara but she brought it on herself.



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