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British Model Katie Price Has An 8-Year-Old Daughter Who Wears Full-On Girls Night Out Makeup

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HelloU – From husbands to jungles, breast implants to Big Brother, Katie Price’s existence in the celeb realm has come with more ‘boos’ than the wicked fairy she’s playing in panto [ED. NOTE: This is some sort of UK comedy show thing, I’d never heard of it] at the moment.

Katie posted pictures of [her eight-year-old Princess] wearing make-up and false nails as she accompanied her backstage at the Sleeping Beauty panto.

Some fans cried #inappropriate, saying that Princess was too young to be wearing so much make-up. But she was having none of it, saying it was “none of [their] beeswax.” in [an] Insta-video posted by her mum.


And here’s the video of little Princess — yes that is her actual name, perhaps unsurprisingly based on the amount of makeup — shutting up all the haters totally on her own and definitely not because her mom, who’s maybe most famous for having a sex tape out there before every aspiring famous chick had a sex tape, saw a chance to get fame back for a second or two in the British tabloids:



Overall this is one where I feel like I should be conflicted but I’m definitely not. I’d like to think I’m pretty progressive and open-minded and that having your daughter caked up like To Wong Foo doesn’t mean she’s going to live a particular life. Kids have stages and if you try to fight, it can fuck them up, I totally get that. But seeing little girls all done up like grown women — or in this case done up like grown ass women who may work in Vegas and call guys “Sailor” way more than makes sense in a place with no body of water — creeps me out every single time. Here it’s weird as hell, on Toddlers and Tiaras it’s weird as hell. There’s no reason a little girl should be all done up like that on a stage but definitely 100% more in real life. Let a little girl be a little girl, she’s got literal decades in front of her being forced to spend hours poking at herself in a mirror until she feels publicly presentable. No need to fast track that any more than nature already does.


Also this tweet from KFC seems relevant, have fun in eight years bro:


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