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Reader Email - Do You Need To Preheat An Oven Before You Cook?



Reader Email

Hey Prez,

So a few buddies of mine got into a bit of heated debate last night.

If your baking a homemade pizza in the oven, do you wait for the oven to pre-heat all the way or do you just throw it right in there?

I say why waste time? Shits getting hot anyways it’ll be halfway done by the time it’s done pre-heating. I figured this was how everybody did it.

But my friends think I’m some sort of psychopath for not waiting… Bananaland if you ask me but they insist that the directions tell you to pre-heat it and that the pizza doesn’t start cooking until it reaches 425 degrees or whatever the fuck it is. Now one of them is a food studies major so he does have some credibility but still, these poor people are wasting their lives away waiting for ovens to preheat!

What do you think?
Follow the directions and wait an extra 5 minutes to wait for the oven or just fire that shit right up.



Maybe the easiest Reader Email question of all time. Yes pre-heating the oven matters. That’s just a known fact. But I absolutely do not trust anybody who does it. I know the pizza or cookies or whatever you’re cooking will come out better. Doesn’t matter. Only chicks preheat the oven. Men just shove it in there from the jump and hope for the best. If you preheat the oven and you’re not a certified chef than you’re a chick or a gayball. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s just a fact.