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Houston Coach Tom Herman Is Running Team Practice Today Then Going To Get Fitted For A Grill With Paul Wall...Wait What?

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YahooHouston head coach Tom Herman made a promise to his team before the season. On Tuesday, Herman will follow through.

Houston announced Monday that the first-year head coach will meet with Houston-based hip-hop artist Paul Wall to be fitted for a diamond grill. For real.

Wall will stop by the school’s football offices on Tuesday afternoon after the team practices in preparation for its Dec. 31 matchup against Florida State in the Peach Bowl.

Before the season began, Herman promised the team he would get a grill if the Cougars won the American Athletic Conference championship. That came to fruition when the Cougars beat Temple 24-13 to win the conference title.

Wall, who attended the University of Houston, has been an avid supporter of the football program.

What a season for Houston football…came out of nowhere to go 12-1, finished the season ranked in the top 20, and locked up a big time matchup in the Peach Bowl with Florida State. And as if all that wasn’t enough…now their coach has to pay up on his promise to get a god damn gold grill with Paul Wall.

Tom Herman, by all accounts the whitest man on the face of the Earth:

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Born in Cincinnati, cum laude graduate of Cal Lutheran, Presidential Scholarship recipient, Masters of Education from Texas, member of Mensa, father to Maddock and Maverick.

Proud owner of a gold grill.

Roll up to the Mensa meetings like…

What it do baby, it’s the ice man Tom Herman, got my mouth lookin like a disco ball.

Open up my mouth and you see more carrots than a salad.