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Guy Becomes First-Ever Hoverboarding Shoplifter On Legal Record


Gizmodo- Auto-balancing skateboards, incorrectly but widely known as hoverboards, are this year’s must-have novelty toys for people bored of their selfie sticks. But it would seem they also have use for shoplifters who can’t be bothered to walk. London’s Metropolitan Police published a video of a young male shoplifting a case of Lucozade energy drink from a supermarket in south-west London. The crime is not significant in any way, apart from that the suspect rolls in and makes his escape on an LED-illuminated hoverboard. The video has since been taken down, but we managed to grab this screenshot. Welcome to 2015, everyone.




Would you rather be forgotten forever or known as the guy who was the first-ever hover boarding shoplifter on record?  I think you gotta go with the latter and be known for something.  Otherwise you’re just a nameless, faceless statistic who went their entire life and never did anything notable. Doesn’t matter if that notable thing was strolling out of a grocery store on a hoverboard with a case of stolen energy drinks in your arms.  It’s still notable. I’m not sure there’s ever been a faster decline in popularity of an item than these damn hover boards.  They were all the rage for like 4 months.  NBA stars were riding them around, celebrities were riding them around and everybody and their mother wanted one.  The reaction these things got was the exact opposite reaction the Segway got when it came out.  But now? Now they’re illegal on the streets of New York and we can’t go 24 hours without seeing a story about a hoverboard exploding right under someone’s feet and blowing their toes off.  And now they’re being used as getaway cars when a guy wants to steal a case of energy drinks. How the mighty have fallen.