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FSU QB Sean Maguire Throws The Ball Over The Stadium...Literally.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.54.06 PM

That’s not hyperbole, like some deep bomb to end the half or a 60 yard hail mary that almost hits the catwalk. Sean Maguire just literally threw the ball over Doak Campbell Stadium. Straight over the wall of a 82,300 capacity venue. Ridiculous. Who needs played-out trick shots when just pure brute arm strength is 100x more impressive.

I mean, he’s no JJ Watt, but who is?

Pretty nice season for Maguire filling in for Everett Golson, going 4-1 and throwing for 1100+ with 9 TD against only 2 interceptions. That’s all good, but the thing I’ll always remember Maguire for is that he was the guy who filled in for Jameis when he got suspended for yelling FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY in the middle of campus then showed up to the game in full pads anyway.

Will never ever forget that magical moment. Some things you’ll just be associated with forever, no matter how many stadiums you throw footballs over.