TLC Was Pretty Good Last Night And Has Me Optimistic Heading Into The Rumble

I didn’t even do a TLC preview or prediction blog because I had such low expectations for the PPV, it didn’t even seem worth the time. But I have to give WWE credit- they shocked everyone and put on a good PPV last night in Boston. Never in a million years would I have thought a PPV headlined by Sheamus could be anything other than trash, but I was wrong. None of the matches were bad, the writing made sense for the most part, and the ending was fantastic, leaving me with high hopes and a renewed sense of optimism as we inch closer to Wrestlemania.


The Usos vs The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons - As you can see in the video above, some guys, particularly Kalisto, went all out last night. Kalisto is a star in the making, he’s so smooth in the ring and doesn’t shy away from huge spots, even if it means falling 20 feet off a ladder onto another ladder. Incredible, and dangerous spot that he pulled off to perfection last night. This match not only kicked off the show, but stole the show. Xavier was fantastic on commentary, the in-ring action was great, there were some ridiculous spots, and the New Day retained. Great, great match and set the tone for the night. And these 3 continue to be the best thing going in WWE, amazing what guys are capable of when given creative control.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.51.08 AM

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - I have no idea why Jack Swagger was brought back out of nowhere to contend for the US Title, and why he had a match on a PPV while guys like Ziggler, Neville, Stardust, and even Tyler Breeze were left off the card. You can’t tell me Swagger makes the company more money than Ziggler, or that having Neville in a ladder match wouldn’t be best for business. I don’t know what it’ll take to get a Neville vs Kalisto ladder match, but I need it so bad. As for the match at hand, neither ADR or Jack Swagger move the needle for me, but the match wasn’t terrible.

Team ECW vs The Wyatts - Kind of a weird match that lacked rhythm, but I’m happy with the outcome. The Wyatts dominated, as they should have. Being an elimination match, usually they book it so it comes down to 1 person remaining from each team. But they let the Wyatts end the match with a 3 vs 1 advantage, as they should have. It was already the worst match of the night, and then they brought out gasoline to light a table on fire, and it never happened. BOOOOOOOOOOO. You can’t tease us with a flaming table and not deliver, blue balls city.

Rusev vs Ryback - Kind like the ADR vs Swagger match, I didn’t really care about either of these guys and there wasn’t even a real story behind them having the match. Just two huge men in the ring trying not to kill each other. Ryback has every physical tool but it looks like his push is just about over because he stutters and stammers on the mic and isn’t the smartest in-ring performer. Hopefully they figure out something good for him, otherwise it looks like he will get lost in the mix.

Charlotte vs Paige - I wasn’t paying the closest attention to this match, but I liked the ending a lot. We have one last heel run by Ric Flair, and that makes me happy. The dirtiest player in the game teaching his daughter all his secrets. Makes me wonder what their plan is with Sasha if they want Charlotte to be their top Diva heel.

Ambrose vs Kevin Owens – This was a shock, Ambrose winning the IC title for the first time, taking the strap off Owens who has been a pretty good IC champ. It was a good match, even with Jared getting his stink all over it.

I think they put the belt on Ambrose for a few reasons, mainly to keep him elevated but also so he can stay on Reigns’ side and not challenge for the WWE Title. Makes sense. The two of them didn’t really have a heated back story (as is tradition with WWE writing these days) but they can put on good matches and I wouldn’t mind seeing them square off a couple more times.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus - First of all, the Boston crowd did not even give this match a chance from the start, chanting for Cena and Rollins and Lesnar instead of watching a brutal match taking place in front of their eyes. Eventually they stfu and realized these two guys were killing themselves.

I don’t have a problem with the ending of the match, as Reigns getting screwed is the story they are telling. So storyline-wise, it was a reasonable ending. It’s just that the story of Reigns as an underdog doesn’t really make sense itself. But regardless, it was the post match that stole the show. Reigns beating the shit out of HHH was wonderful. That’s the Reigns I’ve been begging for. Not a John Cena 2.0 clone without any mic skills. If we can get a bad ass, ass kicking Roman Reigns who doesn’t talk and just beats the hell out of people, then we finally have a guy we can root for. The crowd was going wild for that Roman Reigns last night. It makes him likable. Not the Roman Reigns who makes dad jokes about tater tots. That Roman Reigns sucks. But the big, angry Roman Reigns we saw get unleashed last night has a bright future in this company.

So against all odds, TLC was great and our next PPV is my favorite of the year, the Royal Rumble. I fully expect Cena to win it, as I’ve said all along- I fully believe John Cena is winning the WWE title at Wrestlemania in front of 100,000 people. I could see it being Reigns, but Cena has to be main eventing. It’s John fucking Cena, the WWE’s cash cow for a decade, at their biggest PPV possibly of all time. The main event will be some mix of Reigns, Cena, and Lesnar. Will Reigns be given the baton at Mania, or will Cena cement his legacy, that’s the only question I don’t know the answer to.