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Now That The Winter Meetings Are Complete, A Look Back At All Things Tommy Lasorda

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First of all, I don’t really know why Tommy Lasorda is at the winter meetings. He’s not actually advising on any decisions is he? I assume the Dodgers just wheel him out to be a figurehead, eat some pasta, fart on some people, slobber on some babies, you know the works. So without further ado, our Tommy in Nashville sightings.




Love this Tommy. Like when there is a weird sound in your house and your dog does that head tilt listen thing. What’s that thing you’re holding their son and why is it pointed at my face?

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Little Karaoke action. Is there any doubt he fired up some Frank Sinatra “My Way”. Just feels right



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Like old BB King, all the legends sit when they perform.


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Sidenote – I can’t wait until I get to the sweater vest age. It’s such an old guy look. Sweater vest and scally cap/kangol. I’m going to be the freshest looking old dude on the block.




Still a man of principles. Respect the hell out of Tommy for this move


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Couldn’t go without an eating picture. Little gnocchi on the napkin, nbd.


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Only way to end a Tommy blog.



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