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Here's A Great, Inspirational Video About A Former Star Downingtown QB And Current Husband/Father Striving To Walk Again

Watch the full video here

It’s incredibly impressive when someone can manage to turn a tragedy into an inspiration. If something that disastrous would happen to me I’d roll over and call it a life. Good on Matt Helm for grabbing life by the balls and fighting the good fight. This guy was actually my QB in the Valor Bowl wayyyy back during the glory days. Other than him choosing to overlook a wide open Smitty for a double covered Geoff Paugam in the endzone for that WR’s 40th reception of the game (could’ve really used that TD on the ol’ stat sheet for future bragging rights), you could tell Helm was a really good dude back then. His positivity was infectious and it’s great to see he still has the same mindset even through the hand he’s been dealt. The charity started in his name, Hope For Helm, doesn’t just assist his medical costs but strives to help out others put in those kinds of situations in life. Give it a gander and a donation.

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