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Val Venis Is Now Kaptain Kannabis, Weed Seller Extraordinaire

Helloooooo, stoners! Love it. The Big Valbowski is now Kaptain Kannabis, owner and proprietor of a weed shop in Arizona. Vince McMahon himself could not script it any better.

And even better, I don’t know how nobody told me this, but he has his own YouTube show. Where he raps on the way to work. At his weed store. It’s perfect.

It’s as if rapper John Cena and Val Venis got really high together. The doctor of weedanomics, Kaptain Kannabis.

PS: The fact Val Venis’ finisher was called The Money Shot, so incredibly mid-90’s WWF. Him and the Godfather with the ho train were the perfect Attitude Era characters that we’ll never get even CLOSE to seeing ever again.