BREAKING NEWS - JJ Watt Broke His Hand In Practice Yesterday, No One Saw It But He Has A Cast And Will Play Because He's Superhuman

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Like Michael Scott with bubble wrap on his burnt foot, JJ Watt strolling into work today with a cast on because he “broke his hand” yesterday in practice. Sure, that’s totally real, we completely believe you and don’t think this helps the superman mystique. No need to let the swelling go down before you get your self into a hard cast, just put that thing on, get in front of the cameras and tell everyone you’re going to gut it out. Hero life. Hey JJ, samesies.


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By the way, I know I give JJ a lot of shit but equal amounts need to go to this type of stuff. Dude broke his hand and we’re pretending like he just woke up from a coma and beat paralysis. What the fuck?



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If I can have one wish in this world I think it would be that this “broken hand” happened when he was one hand catching balls off the Jugs machine