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I Do Not Envy Dan Hamhuis Who Took a Slapshot To The Face And Broke His Jaw Last Night

USA Today - Vancouver Canucks defenseman Dan Hamhuis took a slap shot to the face Wednesday night against the New York Rangers that dislodged some teeth and likely broke his jaw, per team head coach Willie Desjardins. Late in the third period of Wednesday’s game, Hamhuis lost control of the puck in the Canucks zone which allowed Derick Brassard to feed Dan Boyle near the blue line. Boyle wound up and fired the puck back at the Canucks’ net and it smacked Hamhuis so hard he fell to the ice where blood seeped out around him.


You want to know a big difference between basketball and hockey? In basketball, we vilify a person for trying to block a shot. Like last night, Greg Monroe got sort of dunked on by DeAndre Jordan, but since he tried to draw a charge he ended up taking a flying knee to the chest and forced DeAndre to throw the ball in the basket from 4 feet away. And somehow Greg Monroe gets made fun of. HE’S DEAD! RIP GREG MONROE! MURDERED! It’s the dumbest thing going. He tried to play good defense, fuck him, right? Meanwhile in hawkey we have cats like Dan Hamuis blocking shots with their faces, and literally almost dying. A shot half that speed would send my head into the 3rd row. Pure decapitation on the ice. I’d be an Internet meme for years to come. I do no envy Dan Hamhuis at all. Brutal injury, absolutely sucks. (Ok maybe he shouldn’t have turned the puck over in his own zone, but c’mon, let’s not blame the guy bleeding all over the ice here.)