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Finish Your Day By Watching Kuzy's Sick Shootout Goal From Last Night

That’s how you end the day, watching Kuzy make Jimmy Howard feel bad about himself. I meant to blog a bit longer about the Caps today but some stuff came up, so I’m sorry about that. But on the other hand, what more can be said? They’re incredible. Holtby is unbeatable, the Caps offense is unreal, Ovi barely even scores on the PP and it doesn’t even matter- they’re still 3rd in the league. The PK is 84%, good for 7th in the league, and Kuz, at 23 years old, has 27 points in 26 games. The defense has been phenomenal for the most part, to the point where it wouldn’t shock me if a healthy Brooks Orpik and his huge contract are scratched when he’s healthy again. Why mess up a good thing?

PS: Oh my lerrrrrrd these are sexy.

PS: Games in hand.

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