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Guy Repeatedly Takes A Video When People Think He's Taking A Picture And It Shows Just How Awkward Pictures Are



That video is jarring. Uncomfortable as fuck. Seems like people would pose forever if you just held the camera up and never said anything. It really makes you think.  How fucking weird are pictures?  If you have Snap Chat you’ve undoubtedly seen this in a smaller sample.  A bunch of white girls in their mid-to-late 20s at brunch posing for a picture with their Bloody Marys and a mimosas and the girl with the phone will be like, “It’s a video” and they’ll burst out laughing like it’s the funniest thing like ever.  But when you watch it happen back to back to back to back like that Forever Pose video it really makes you realize that pictures are weird as shit. How staged and how they couldn’t be a further representation of what’s actually going on at that moment. Super duper uncomfortable. Should we do away with pictures? Is that a thing that can happen?  That’s probably not possible but I’ll never be able to take or be in a picture the same way ever again after seeing behind the curtain.