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Power Move Of The Century: Bieber Posts A Random Girl On His Instagram Asking Who It Is So They Can Fuck

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Didn’t really plan on having two Bieber blogs in the second half of a day, but here we are. I don’t care what you think about Bieber, you need to tip your cap to this move. Some guys are so cool or suave that they can walk into any room in the world and say, “I want to fuck that girl,” and actually end up doing it. Bieber is on a slightly different level: he doesn’t have to walk into anywhere, he can just post a picture of what looks like a young Adriana Lima online and poof, he’s in. That’s all it takes.

“Hey who’s this girl?”

“Oh, it’s wolfiecindy? Ok, you’re mine now.”






Seems like a nice, normal girl who’s into boring sex too. So, good for Justin. I’m happy for him.