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Danny Kanell's Sick And Tired Of The Liberal Media's War On Football




Goddamn liberal media! First they took the war to Christmas and now we’re dealing with a war on football. Everyone screaming to the heavens that these “concussion” things are dangerous and make former players put bullets into their own heart so their brains can be tested for this made-up “CTE” thing. It’s disgusting and it’s not right. Yeah, it’s easy to dismiss this tweet as a crazy guy adlib because anytime you can get “War 0n ____,” “alarmists,” and “liberal media” in 140 characters then you’re really going out of your way to sound like a nut, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally wrong. The numbers and ratings are still there but everyone bitches about football now because it’s an easy target with a shitty product on the field whose players keep getting brain damage. That’s not fair. So sick of one of our most beloved pastimes getting bashed because it’s so dangerous.



He did have a pretty solid argument though. Concussions happen in soccer too and we’re not banning tha — shit, wait. Actually we are banning the part that causes concussions.



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