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The Smog Is So Bad In China That A Dude Vacuumed Up A Bunch Of It And Made A Brick

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Mashable- A Chinese artist just spent 100 days walking the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner, and has made a brick from the city’s polluted air. The artist, who calls himself Nut Brother (????), walked the city’s streets for about four hours each day, pushing a large, 1,000-watt industrial vacuum cleaner while holding its nozzle in the air. And he’s made a brick from the dust and smog collected — a symbol of the city’s infamous pollution that has made face masks a common sight on its streets. On Monday, the brick was created at a brick factory, that mixed the vacuumed dust with clay. Nut Brother told Mashable he was often mistaken for an air quality surveyor or cleaner by passers-by, who thought that it was “cool” for the city to have employed people to monitor and clean the air. He said he hasn’t gone for any health checks after his 100-day jaunt, but said his body feels okay, if a little “numb”, but didn’t elaborate on where he felt numb.



More smog stories!  Yesterday we had the lucky kids in China getting days off school because of the smog and now we’ve got this dude going around vacuuming up a bunch of the smog and making bricks out of it. People are always talking about how China is the next world superpower to challenge the United States and how they’re going to overtake us as the most powerful country in the world some day because of their booming economy.  Um, what about the smog though?  Kinda feels like the smog is going to knock China right off it’s pedestal if they don’t do something about it soon. Or it might even be too late. Sure they have a great economy and a trillion people in their army and we owe them a few pennies here and there. But you’re not much of a country if your own people can’t even go outside. We have our own smog problems in some our bigger cities but they don’t have to issue red alerts to make people stay inside. Point, America.


PS- Didn’t this Nut Brother (the name of the brick guy, of course) fella just solve the whole problem though?  I don’t wanna say too much and give China any ideas on how to be a better country because I bleed red, white and blue but couldn’t they vacuum up a bunch of the smog, turn it into bricks and sell the bricks?  That’s called killing two birds with one stone.  I’ve already said too much.  U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!



h/t jimmy