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The NCAA Investigated The Monmouth Hoops Bench To See If Having Too Much Fun Was Against The Rules

USA TodayNCAA men’s basketball rules secretary-editor Art Hyland received a request for a rules interpretation regarding Monmouth’s boisterous bench celebrations, NCAA spokesman David Worlock told USA TODAY Sports on Monday.

But, because the rules allow for spontaneous reaction as long as bench players are not coming onto the court to interfere with the game itself, Hyland felt there was no harm involved.


I can’t even imagine what went wrong in your life that caused you to get to the point where you file an official request for a rules interpretation with the NCAA over a bunch of college kids celebrating on the bench of their basketball team. Like you saw some 18 year olds permanently dressed in warmups jumping around and having fun when their teammates scored and thought whoa now, whoa whoa whoa, let’s see just how legal that is. Had to be somebody who was just super butthurt about getting Human Scissored during a loss?

Someone who couldn’t stand getting Big Catch Fish Selfie’d after yet another Justin Robinson poster dunk?

I’m sure the NCAA looked into it as hard as they could too. Sure they spent an entire afternoon reviewing all the film and scouring the rulebook looking for a way to shut down the Monmouth fun.

As opposed to getting that complaint and, you know, tearing it up immediately because you aren’t braindead.