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Kim And Kanye Name Their Second Baby Saint West

Well there you have it folks.  Saint West.  We knew it wasn’t going to be a Michael or a Christopher.  I was hoping for something extremely short-sighted like a LeBron, kinda like how all the Shaquilles that are playing in college right now.  Or Kim and Kanye naming the kid Raymond Jason after their favorite uncles or something and completely missing that the kids’ name was really Ray Jay.  I wonder if KFC had the name Saint in his back pocket just in case he ends up being surprised with a son instead of a daughter.  And then Kimye go ahead and hijack his name.  Would be typical KFC luck.

And how about sickboi just nailing this prediction from all the way back in June.  That is some real deal Illuminati stuff.

All that being said, as a graduate of Siena, today is a good day to be a Saint.  We have “Onions, double order!” from Bill Raftery and now the name of one of the Kardashians.  I think that officially makes us the most prestigious school in the entire MAAC.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to go read all the jokes #BlackTwitter has to offer.