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I Don't Like It One Bit, But Tonight, We're All Dallas Cowboys Fans

jerry jones

Hey, you do what you gotta do to survive and this is all about survival at this point. The enemy of the enemy is my friend. We’re living week to week and every game matters. The Washington Redskins behind Kirk freaking Cousins are someway, somehow the tits of the town in the NFC East. It’s not rocket science. The Eagles are 5-7. The Giants are 5-7. The Cowboys are worthless. And The Redskins are 5-6. If the Eagles don’t beat Washington in Week 16 and the Giants in Week 17 it’ll be all for naught regardless, but everything helps. And if that means I’m at the mercy of Jerry Jones and his gaggle of felons, so be it. It’s not selling out when your soul and a healthy relationship with your family is on the line. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYZ!

I guess this is the Cowboys fight song? Never heard it, never want to hear it again.