Giants Cough Up Another Heartbreaker That Could Be The Nail In The Coffin

You couldn’t sum up this Giants season any better than this Eli reaction to an OT pick that just sailed past Craig Dahl. So high, then so hopeful, then simply broken.
I know everyone wants Tom Coughlin’s head right now and I’m not totally disagreeing. I had no problem going for it there to make it a 3-score game in the 4th quarter which would’ve put a bow on it, but I see both sides. Just think it through though. IF he takes that FG (and IF Brown makes it), they’re up 13. The Jets marched up the field with ease and stalled at the 6 yard line right after that. We’re all of a sudden so certain the Giants defense would’ve shut down a 4th down play IF the Jets were in a position where they had to go for it? IF the Jets score there, the G-Men are protecting only 6 and the Marshall game-tying score turns into the game-winner.
My point is, assuming Brown hits the FG to take that 13-point lead, Big Blue are still faced with having to make ONE play in a big spot. That’s something that’s eluded them in 5 of 7 losses this year. Today, maybe the Coughlin decision should’ve been different. Maybe Beckham could’ve held onto that TD that he dropped at the last second. Maybe Dahl could’ve seen that ball that sailed over his head in OT a second earlier. Maybe the defense could’ve made one more stop on a crucial 3rd/4th down. Maybe Josh Brown could’ve picked a different time to miss his first kick of the season. TC is gonna take a heavy dose of criticism, but the players on the field had their fair share of opportunities and failed. Again.
With the NFC East being what it is, the Giants aren’t dead yet. It’s not a division or conference game so if Dallas handles the Redskins tomorrow night not much changes mathematically. At this point though I just don’t know how a team that’s taken BRUTAL loss after brutal loss like this can figure out a way to get it done no matter how many more opportunities are handed to them.