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Barstool Baltimore Podcast Ep. 3: Terps-UNC Recap, DJ Durkin Hire, A Wild MNF Win, And The Mark Trumbo Trade



Oooooooodles to discuss in the Baltimore sports world, and Banks and RDT are on top of it. We discuss the Terps’ loss against the Tar Heels and whether or not Jake Layman deserves to keep getting minutes. We chat about why I’m absolutely in love with DJ Durkin and the direction Maryland football is headed. We hit on the Ravens MNF win and my refusal to embrace loser football. And then RDT dishes his thoughts on why the O’s just robbed the Mariners blind (again).


This podcast is really starting to hit its stride as we get a bit more experienced and comfortable on the mic. We’ve got some guests in the works and are hoping to start doing some segments/a mailbag. We’ve actually been hoping to get some Caps and Wizards talk in there at some point, but there’s been so much Terps/Ravens/O’s happenings that we just haven’t gotten to that yet. Look for that in the future. We’re going to start the process of getting it on iTunes to make it more accessible. Share it with your friends. Let em know it’s the best Baltimore sports podcast going.