RIP Music. 0-2013. #NeverForget

Well it happened. These two canadians just 9/11’d music. Here we were all shucking and jiving, having a great time, finally got all those awful summer songs out of our heads, and BOOM! these two fucks had to commit jihad all over our faces. We never saw it coming.

Avril definitely had some finger snappers in her day. If Complicated, Sk8er Boi, or Girlfriend came on the radio tomorrow, you’d sing along and you’d sneaky like it. There should be no shame in your old school Avril game. But now, everything has changed. She married nickelback and turned on us and made one of the worst song in the history of songs. They may have knocked us down, but we will rise again.

PS: Back on “dress like a celebrity day” in 7th grade, 80% of girls wore a tank top with a neck tie and said they were Avril Lavigne. I’m fairly sure I went through puberty that day. Just sprouted every pube all at once.