ESPN Is Using The Godzingis Rap Song In Its Commercials And It Is GLORIOUS

I blogged about this song over the summer when it dropped in the streets and put the country in a chokehold on 4th of July weekend. Just the baddest Latvian motherfuckers you will ever see in your life rapping about Godzingis. And now the Worldwide Leader has finally caught up with the rest of the planet and is using the song in their commercials to hype Knicks games. I love it. I guess better late than never, Bristol!

Still the dance move of 2015. Good chance it stays on the throne through 2016 as well.

Send out the Smoke Patrol on this Latvian beauty.



Godzingis is like the Birdman. He flies in any weather.



h/t Kenny Ducey for the video.  A great follow for Knicks fans