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Utah Reporter Complains That The Warriors Didn't Give The Jazz Enough Respect After Last Night's Game Even Though The Jazz Lost

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Wahhhh Wahhh Wahhh. That’s all I heard when I read Ben Dowsett’s tweets. He can claim it’s not sour grapes but going on twitter and talking about “class” and how the Warriors aren’t respecting the Jazz enough is quite possibly the lamest move I’ve ever seen. You know what the Warriors are? Champions. I don’t want them to beat the ’96 Bulls 72 win record but I’m officially scared and not because of their record, I’m scared because of stories like this. You need that killer instinct, you need that swagger, you need that cutthroat mentality where if someone tells you another team played like champions in a loss you laugh directly in their face. Michael Jordan would have cried in laughter if you told him a losing team played great. This isn’t YMCA youth basketball, we’re not teaching kids how to win and lose properly. It’s the NBA. If you don’t like cocky Draymond Green, beat him. If you don’t like Steph Curry smiling in your face, stop him from hitting a million threes. To be upset that the Warriors, a team that has the chance to be historically great, are not being nice enough on their path of destruction is such a fucking joke. And don’t compare these guys to Lebron or Kevin Durant. The Warriors were disrespected more than any Championship team ever. The whole world said it was a fluke and they’re just a bunch of jump shooting softies. The entire finals was about Lebron playing with scrubs and not the Warriors being amazing. Why the hell would they play nice after that? I don’t root for the Warriors, they’re not my team, but I LOVE their killer instinct. It’s exactly what makes sports great.






Oh and here is Draymond Green’s response. Love him trying to get the corny dude’s media privileges revoked.


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