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Local Village Idiot (Trent Dilfer) Saying Idiot Things Again As He Predicts Peyton Manning Will Lead Broncos To Superbowl

I don’t even hate Trent Dilfer. I pity Trent Dilfer. I feel bad for him. I feel sad for anybody who is this bad at their job. I feel bad for somebody who week in and week out makes a fool out of themselves. The guy who when he walks down the hall everybody points and laughs and mocks and says “yup that’s the village idiot”. That’s Trent Dilfer. It’s not even that he picked the Broncos to go to the Superbowl. It’s that he thinks Peyton Manning who literally could die at any moment because of natural causes is going to be great in the playoffs. Listen Peyton Manning has sucked in cold weather playoff games his entire career and that when he was in his prime. But now that’s he’s officially a corpse he’s gonna suddenly be awesome? It’s the most bizarro logic in the world. But I guess nothing should surprise us from the village idiot. After all you don’t become the village idiot by not saying things like these.

PS – I can’t wait to ask him about picking the Broncos at Superbowl Media Day. I’m sure he’ll say that he can’t talk just like he did last year when I confronted him about being an idiot.