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Christmas Has Come Early! Ecto Cooler Is Heading Back To Shelves!

CNBC- Coca-Cola has once again delved into the ’90s archives to bring back a nostalgic favorite.  Seven months ahead of the release of the new “Ghostbusters” film, Coca-Cola could be rolling out an old favorite: Hi-C Ecto Cooler.  The company filed a trademark patent in September for the orange-tangerine flavored drink, which was approved in November.

Ecto Cooler, colored green in honor of Slimer from the first “Ghostbuster” film, debuted in 1987 in partnership with the franchise’s cartoon series. The beverage lasted long after the 1991 cancellation of the show and was available until 2001 before being renamed “Shoutin’ Orange Green.”
Ultimately, the drink left shelves in 2007 after being renamed again. However, fans of the beverage resurrected Ecto Cooler with their own recipe in 2011.  This isn’t the first time that Coca-Cola has gone into their beverage archives and brought back a fan favorite. In September the company brought back Surge, a popular citrus-flavored soda.  Competitor Pepsi has also doubled-down on the nostalgia market. In June the company hinted at the return of Crystal Pepsi before releasing the beverage in October in honor of “Back the the Future.”



There aren’t enough praise hands emojis in the world to describe how happy this makes me.  When it comes to nostalgia foods and drinks, Ecto Cooler is a first ballot Hall of Famer.  After I am done bankrupting my new boss at the Barstool Cyber Monday sale, I may head over to eBay so I can load up on pogs and Planters Cheez Balls in anticipation of Ecto Cooler ascending back to the top of the juice game, where it rightly belongs.  And once it does come out, you can bet your ass I will be buying them by the palette like some small business owner at Costco.

Now am I a little upset that Ecto Cooler is likely only being re-released so it can be paired-up with the new Ghostbusters sequel that will likely take my childhood memories of the franchise and it use them as toilet paper?  Of course.  But in this day and age, beggars can’t be choosers.  We have had enough movies we’ve loved come out with cringe-inducing (at best) sequels without having one of the best drinks ever paired with its release.  It is about time Hi-C stopped getting its shit pushed in by the Kool Aid Man and that Hawaiian Punch asshole and fought the good fight.  See you soon, Ecto Cooler.  It has been far too long.

P.S. I guess was in too deep during the Mets playoff run to realize Crystal Pepsi had come back out.  That shit sucked though and even associating it with a classic franchise like Back To The Future is a shame.


h/t Shep for the tip