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Desmond King Suspended For The 1st Quarter Of The Biggest Iowa Football Game Ever Due To Team Violation

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Good, great, grand, wonderful. Our best defensive player suspended for the 1st quarter of the biggest game in Iowa football history as the Hawks go up against Nebraska to try and go 12-0 and keep their playoff hopes alive. I’ll say this, if I had a choice I would’ve chose for that not to happen. At least it’s only for a quarter and it doesn’t sound like it was anything serious. I’ve heard it was because King was late to a team meeting. Whatever. Things could be worse but that still sucks.


I’ll be honest with you, I’m nervous about the game today.  Why? Because I’m nervous about every Iowa game because I’ve watched Iowa football my whole life. I’m worried at all times that this thing is going to turn back into a pumpkin. Any Iowa fan who is beating their chest today is faking it. You’d think with an 11-0 team that’s ranked #3 in the country there would be some chest pounding and confidence but there isn’t.  It wouldn’t be genuine. I love this team but that’s just not the way it is. Especially with Nebraska coming off a bye week and now this Desmond King news. An Iowa fan being cocky and guaranteeing a victory is as transparent as, let’s say, a guy with millions of dollars in the bank claiming he’s gonna go broke over a Black Friday sale on his company’s merchandise. So let’s just get through this first quarter without King, move on, beat the Cornhuskers and hopefully continue this magical ride that is the Iowa football season. Go Hawks.


By the way, I love this this Iowa fan storming the gates in 30-degree Lincoln weather and flashing his Hawkeye tat right in their faces


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