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Johnny Football Demoted To 3rd String For Partying During Bye Week




BEREA, Ohio (AP)From starter to third-stringer. Johnny Manziel partied his way out of the lineup during Cleveland’s bye week. Browns coach Mike Pettine benched the polarizing quarterback on Monday for his off-field behavior, a move that could signal Manziel’s days with the team are numbered. Pettine said Josh McCown will start Monday night’s game against Baltimore in place of Manziel, who was recently handed the starting job but couldn’t keep it while the team had a week off. Manziel’s benching comes in the wake of a video surfacing of him partying last weekend in Texas. He had promised not to bring any embarrassment to the team during its week off, but Pettine said he was both disappointed and frustrated by Manziel’s actions. The video showed Manziel holding a champagne bottle and rapping profane lyrics in a nightclub.


The Cleveland Browns need to grow the fuck up. Are you trying to win football games or are you running a kindergarten camp? Oh boo hoo, boo hoo Manziel partied during his bye week. Who gives a flying fuck? Is Manziel stupid for letting people take pictures of him? Yes, but honestly who cares? Spare me the sob story about how this brought embarrassment to the Cleveland Browns. YOU’RE THE CLEVELAND BROWNS! There is nothing Manziel or any player can do that would bring more embarrassment to what is already the most embarrassing franchise in sports. Worry about him on the field. Take the handcuffs off him. Let him scramble around and make plays. Let him get shitfaced on his bye week. Let Johnny be Johnny. If he sucks get rid of him. If he’s great then be thankful for him. But keeping him and trying to micromanage every aspect of his life from keeping him in the pocket to not letting him slay isn’t working. Gronk parties every bit as hard as Manziel and you don’t see Belichick worrying about that stuff. That’s because we worry about on the field production. You should NEVER get benched for legally drinking alchol during a bye week. Never. Browns can’t get out of their way if their lives depended on it.