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Ex-Cowboy Corey White Confirms He Was Cut Because He Didn't Wear A Suit On The Plane, Greg Hardy Still A "Great Leader"


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(Source) Ex-Dallas Cowboys cornerback Corey White tells TMZ Sports … the reports that he was cut for not wearing a suit on a travel day are TRUE — though he says, “I was wearing slacks and a button down.” White, along with running back Christine Michael, got the ax last week — with the Dallas Morning News claiming it was all because they broke team rules by not wearing a full suit to a road game. 

“I’m not angry,” White tells us … “It’s the rules.” White says he thought his outfit would be acceptable — “I tried to dress like a pro.” White says after he was cut, one of the coaches on the team told him it was specifically because of the dress code violation … “It was about what I wore.” As for his future, White says he’s hopeful he’ll get picked up by another team — and next time, he’ll make sure to invest in a suit.



God I love the Cowboys, what a fucking mess. They are basically writing the book on how to not run your organization. Have an owner that makes all player personnel decisions, check. Have that same owner give weekly press conferences completely undermining your coach and team, check. Acquire the world’s biggest scumbag and let him do whatever he wants including fighting with coaches and teammates and being late to every meeting ever, check. Call that same scumbag a “great leader”, check. And finally if anyone ever doesn’t wear a suit on the team plane, cut their ass. That’s how you do it, that’s how you stay consistent. And yes I know it’s because Hardy is good and White probably sucks but it’s still hilarious when seen from a far. Guy hits women and is basically the worst teammate ever, leader, guy doesn’t go to JOS A Banks before an away game, see ya.