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Stoolies Were Out In Full Force at the Super Bowl After Getting Their Tickets For 95% Off

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Well BAM look at that. You may have heard stories over the weekend of people who bought tickets to the Super Bowl and flew to Arizona, only to find out their second-hand broker couldn’t deliver the goods. Total bullshit right? Well, their fault for not using TicketScore.

We told you New England stoolies to put your money where your mouth is months ago. Should have bought on like these smart folks below did. While everyone else was scrambling around Phoenix begging to buy tickets for Hank’s yearly salary, while we heard horror story after horror story of brokers & TicketScores’ main competitors not delivering on tickets, TicketScore got the job done. 100%. I’ve been telling you guys for months they are the real deal and those who were smart enough to buy in early got the deal of a lifetime.

I have already bought in for my Wizards and Caps finals tickets. Hope you guys do the same. #ticketscore #lastmanstanding


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Stoolie Ken and his son were just two of many who bought in early and got their Super Bowl tickets at a 95% discount off street value. Which was 10k per ticket this past weekend. Insane. They landed in Phoenix and heard the stories, but the guys at TicketScore came through. Buy in now for your NHL and NBA finals tickets or be left in the dust, it’s up to you.