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Tie Domi And Flyers Fan From The Penalty Box Incident Get A Chance To Talk It Out 15 Years Later

It was nearly 15 years ago when Philadelphia Flyers fan Chris Falcone decided to jump in the penalty box to fight one of the most historic fighters in NHL history, Tie Domi. Now I won’t lie. Tie Domi was the kind of guy who was born to be a Broad Street Bully. He would have been one of the most beloved Flyers of all time if he ever played in Philly. But since he never got the chance to wear the Orange and Black, he was one of the most hated. And whenever you bring up his name in Philadelphia, this is the incident that will always be talked about first. Anyway, Tie recently wrote a book called Shift Work and when he went on 94.1 WIP to promote the book, he got a chance to talk with Chris Falcone again nearly 15 years later.

Now here’s the thing. When this incident first went down, I was just a young and very impressionable Jordie. Guess I was 8-years-old at the time so ever since then, I’ve always just thought that Tie Domi was a dick. But hearing about how he and Falcone patched things up afterwards gives me a new level of respect for that pest.

Domi: “We solved it like two street guys. No lawyers, no nothing. We shook on it. You [Falcone] came with your family to two playoff games in Toronto, I put you up here. Everythings good now, I’m really glad it all worked out and people really have to know the truth on what happened. You’re a great guy and a family guy and I’m happy everything’s behind ya”.

What a beauty. Take the lawyers out of there, send the man to 2 playoff games up in Toronto, call it even and now he has a story to tell for the rest of his life. No court, no riots, no protests, no nothing. That’s pretty great and now 15 years later, they can have a nice little laugh about that. And of course Chris Falcone, in true Delco fashion, still claims that he didn’t get his ass kicked in that fight. I bet if they were both live in studio for that interview that Falcone would challenge Domi to a rematch.

After the little bit about the penalty box incident, Domi also went on to talk about how when he was a kid he purposely knocked out his two front teeth just so he could look like Bobby Clarke. And then of course they went on about how much Tie’s son Max–who, if you’re new around here and haven’t been reading any of my blogs, is going to be a stud in this league–loved Bobby Clarke growing up as well since they are both type 1 diabetics. Clarke is the reason why Max Domi currently wears the number 16 with the Arizona Coyotes. So with all the connections that the Domi family has to the Philadelphia Flyers organization, I’m starting to think that maybe there’s a chance that Max gets to put on the Flyers sweater that his dad never got the chance to wear. Imagine that top 6. Giroux, Voracek, Konecny, Simmonds, Couturier, Domi. Oh my.

h/t CBSPhilly