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Barstool Chicago State Of The Union


Alright so as some of you have noticed, Neil is no longer blogging. No, he did not get fired. It was a mutual parting of ways. I left my monkey job a couple of weeks ago and am now taking over Barstool Chicago full time. No hard feelings stand between Neil and myself or Neil and Barstool. He’s a really good guy and a good blogger and this was just something all parties thought was for the better. If you’re mad, I don’t know what to tell you. It is what it is. As far as transitions go this was as easy as could be internally, and that speaks to the type of guy Neil is. Absolute Class Act.  So anyway, that’s the new plan.  I will probably be adding a few people here and there, intern (more about this tomorrow), possibly a Bears guy, and WhiteSoxDave is staying.


Now as for the site, nothing is fundamentally changing. The only real one is that we’re going to run from 8:30-5 instead of 9-5:30. This is solely because being 2 full posts behind the other cities severely hampered us in early morning stories. So that’s what you should come to expect. Wake up 830, Smoke at 5, business as usual in between. The other change comes from you, stoolies, and specifically Chicago Stoolies. My goal is to make Barstool Chicago the best site on the internet, plain and simple. I hate losing. HATE it. So if something happens in this city I need to be first. No if ands or buts. All Chicago news comes from this page first. A lot of that is on me but I can’t do it alone. The other cities get flooded with tips emails everyday. Chicago gets 3 or 4 tops. I need your help. If you see something funny send it. If you have a hypothetical question you want answered, send it. If you see a smoke at a Cubs game, send it. Send anything and everything. Doesn’t have to just be about Chicago. Doesn’t have to come just from Chicago Stoolies. Literally anything that you find funny or anything that pops in your head. Send it. Send it.


So there it is. State of the Union. My goal is simple, and with your help I think I can accomplish it. So let’s do it. Time to get that paper!