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Kevin Bieksa Got A Tooth Punched Out Of His Head Last Night

Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Kevin Bieksa is a top pair defenseman on my all-hate team. I’ve watched this GIF no less than 50 times and it doesn’t get old. God bless HD TV. I bet a ton of guys that I hate had teeth punched out of their head back in the day, but I never got to see in slo-mo HD. Great time to be a hockey fan.

As a reminder, the guy who knocked his tooth out looks like this


And is married to this

Considerably more to risk in a fight than Bieksa’s ugly mug.


This is when Bieksa got himself on the all-hate team watch list.


The Canucks-Blackhawks rivalry from 2009-2010 was good as it gets. Really makes you hate the Salary Cap. That Hawks team would’ve been one of the greatest of all-time. Not complaining about having three Stanley Cups, but if they had been able to keep a team together with Buff, Ladd, Campbell, Leddy, Bolland, Sharp, Saad, etc…we are talking minimum 8-peat.