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North Dakota Hockey Just Redefined The Tic-Tac-Toe

So I know that Saturdays belong to College Football but a little Cawlidge Hawkey never killed nobody. Especially when North Dakota comes in with some of the most incredible puck movement I’ve ever seen. This is the type of thing you see when you’re out playing some open puck with your buddies and everyone just gives up on playing defense by the end of the slot. That was a thing of beauty. A work of art. The Vine of this goal belongs in the MoMA. Live look-in at me watching this goal on repeat for the rest of the day:


So while the Fighting Sioux* are out there pulling off shit like this and currently ranked at #3 in the country, former North Dakota head coach Dave Hakstol is having himself quite the season behind the bench with the Flyers. I’m sure he’s just thrilled about that.


* North Dakota is still in the process of changing their nickname since it’s 2015 and that makes the “Fighting Sioux” offensive. I wrote this blog a while back but it’s worth re-visiting. Here are some great nickname suggestions that for some reason or another North Dakota will not be going with. Headlined by the “Anal Seepers” and “Big dick north dakotans”.

[Vine via @HockeyWebCast]