Olivia Wilde Told A Story About Meeting Chris Farley On The James Corden Show



Give me all of the Chris Farley stories.  I want all of them.  Big or small. Goofy or sad or downright disgusting. Ever heard the story about Farley pooping out of a window on the 17th floor at 30 Rock?  That’s a good one. Or the one where in college they used to pour a bunch of beers onto the bar and Farley would do a naked slip and slide?  Another good one. I honestly don’t care if the story is even good. I just want to hear all of the Farley stories I possibly can before I die.  Dude was the GOAT as we all already know. Even if it’s just a small a small anecdote. I enjoyed that Olivia Wilde one.  Chris Farley letting a fellow fat kid know that it’s okay to be the fat kid by shoving brownie after brownie after brownie into his mouth at an SNL party. Perfect.



PS- You guys ever see the movie The Change Up? It’s a body-switching movie with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Sneaky good movie to watch on Sundays when you’re hungover as shit. Anyway, Olivia Wilde is in it and she looks smooooooooooking hot.